Monogram Stationery in any color

Design your own stationery. Why should I have all the fun? You can choose from suggested colors shown or ask for a new color combo. These were actually selected from popular Comfort Color Sweatshirt combinations. I really enjoy making stationery notes for my girls with their monograms and personality all over them. For instance, my oldest daughter loves all things yellow, softball and survival stories. She is fun to design for because her range is so broad. I can do girlie girl softball player or I can do a formal monogram in bold colors. She loves all of it. And now that she is older, she helps in the design process.

You’ll receive 12 folded notes with your monogram printed on bright white matte card stock. Each card is hand cut and the edges are rounded. Envelopes are included.

Order online or pick up in store at Mint Julep Market, next to Rosie’s on the Parkway in Huntsville.

monogram stationery huntsville


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