Why I use Etsy for my stationery store

When I started back in 2007, I built the site using Dreamweaver. It was clean and I loved it, but it lacked the SEO words I needed to get google to pick up my page. It also lacked the functions that I didn’t know how to design such as variations and pricing changes.

Etsy is great. Look at the Leafy Monogram Stationery. I have set up this design so that you can choose your two colors and Etsy has the variations I need so that you can choose the colors from the drop down menu. It is missing a place for you to put the monogram initials but it’s definitely an easier way to check out than what I can build on my own. Sure I could go back to the 4 inch thick Dreamweaver book and figure it out but all the hours spent on that, I would rather spend on designing. It’s a trade off but one I think is worth it in the end.

Happy Monogram Stationery Shopping!!


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